Products for sale

Bath Podiatry Clinic is able to offer both patients and non-patients the facility to purchase Chiropody & Podiatric goods at competitive prices.

  • CCS Foot Cream – A wonderful foot cream; it is effective in the treatment of short-term hydration and controlling dry & cracking skin. Available in 3 sizes, 60ml, 175ml tubes and 1kg tubs
  • Athletes Foot – sprays & powders
  • Orthotics and insoles – Some of the conditions that are successfully managed with orthotics are:
    • pronation
    • knee problems
    • back pain
    • shin splints
    • foot and ankle aches and pains
    • prevention of injuries
    • legs of unequal length
    • improvement of sports performance
    • impact injury
    • bunions
    • plantar fasciitis & heel spur
    • Morton’s neuroma
    • foot deformities
    • corns or callus
  • Gehwol products inc. Cuticle oil
  • Protective padding – felt sheets & tapes.
  • Gel Toe & interdigital (between toes) protectors – providing cushioning, protection & relief from corns, calluses and hammer toes. Medical grade, long lasting.
  • Gel Bunion shields
  • Nail nippers & clippers
  • Heel cushions – providing relief from a variety of conditions inc. plantar fasciitis, weight bearing and aiding comfort while standing, walking & running.
  • Toe props – crescent shaped, chamois covered providing support & lift to the toes that tend to curl.

To make a purchase or find out more, please contact the Clinic on 01225 42 22 22 and Lisa will be happy to help