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Welcome to Bath Podiatry Clinic Ltd.

Centrally located in the heart of the historic city of Bath, with adjacent short term & long stay car parking nearby.

Lisa Whitehouse, BSc Pod Med, MRCPod, is an Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine and is HCPC Registered.

What is Chiropody & Podiatry?

Chiropody (originally from a Greek word and is pronounced Kyr.) & Podiatry is the care and treatment of the foot and foot disorders, but encompasses far more as the body as a whole is affected by lower limb and foot conditions and indeed vice versa i.e. back, knee & hip.

The Royal College of Podiatry (of which Lisa is a member) is the premier podiatry organisation in the United Kingdom. It is a learned society, incorporated on 17 November 1945. The College promotes the highest professional values, practice and standards, as well as enhanced public awareness of good lower-limb health. It provides members with guidelines and standards relating to patient care which must be adhered to in order to comply with membership requirements.

Foot fact

Did you know that the human foot is one of the most complicated parts of the human body; consisting of 26 bones bound by ligaments, supported by muscles and supplied with blood vessels and nerves.

Book a Biomechanical Assessment

Your feet are one of the most complex structures in your body and play an important role; they are also often forgotten.  Any functional imbalance may impact on your body and cause pain or discomfort.

Do you suffer with:

Back, Knee, Hip Pain / Discomfort
Bunions, Hammer Toes, Flat Feet
Metatarsalgia – painful foot conditions affecting the ‘ball off the foot’
Mortons Neuroma – a condition that affects the nerves between the toes
Plantar Fasciitis – pain located on the base of your foot around the heel & arch
Shin Splints – shin pain

During your appointment (allow up to 60 minutes) Lisa will take your medical history, assess you structurally including your foot and lower limb functions, diagnose and propose your personal treatment plan which may include bespoke orthotics; sport specific if required to maximise your foot function – all in a professional & confidential manner

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